Saturday, June 12, 2010

Twitter's Surprising Impact on the South Korean Election

Twitter's Surprising Impact on the South Korean Election
8:57 AM Friday June 11, 2010
by Dae Ryun Chang

"Never underestimate the power of social media in business, politics, and war. That's the big lesson learned from South Korea's recent local elections. In fact, Twitter has now become part of Korea's vernacular vocabulary."

The following is a comment I posted to the article. It expresses my feelings on this topic:

The idea that social networking media can have a drastic impact on elections makes me feel equally optimistic and horribly frightened. The speed of online communication is definitely a major benefit. You can never have to much data. However, the validity of the data is at question. There are no rules, safeguards nor methods of validation for tweets, posts and blogs. Anyone can say anything, and most usually do. I am not for any kind of regulation on the 'Net. However, I am also not enthusiastic about it being considered a reliable source in and of itself. People need to educate themselves so that they can use the information on the Information Highway as one avenue for input data. Just not the primary source.

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