Monday, July 19, 2010

Microsoft Acknowledges Windows Shell Vulnerability

Microsoft Acknowledges Windows Shell Vulnerability
By Thomas Claburn
July 19, 2010 04:45 PM

"Microsoft on Friday issued a Security Advisory stating that it is investigating limited attempts to exploit a vulnerability in the Windows Shell.

The zero-day vulnerability was disclosed last week by Belorussian antivirus company, VirusBlokAda. It takes advantage of Windows shortcut files by making them execute automatically when accessed from a USB drive via Windows Explorer.

Why anyone is still using Microsoft products is still beyond me. Might as well leave all the doors in your house open and place a sign in your front yard listing your name, DOB, SSN, bank accounts, credit cars and a nice little "Come in at take everything you want" message.
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  1. Do u think Apple is any better?

  2. Slightly. Apples security problems are related to third party apps more than the OS. Microsoft not only has holes in 3rd party apps, but their own apps (Office, MSIE, etc.) as well as monster holes in their OS.

    No computer program or OS is totally secure. But some are more secure than others.