Friday, September 10, 2010

Physicists investigate fate of five-dimensional black strings

Physicists investigate fate of five-dimensional black strings
September 10, 2010 By Lisa Zyga

( -- "While black holes in four-dimensional space-time are stable and can persist for a long time, their higher-dimensional analogues are usually unstable. One such theoretical analogue is a five-dimensional black string, which is unstable to perturbations and tends to decay into different forms. But like all unstable "black objects," it's difficult to determine what the end state of the perturbed system might be. Using a new computer code, physicists have been able to simulate the evolution of five-dimensional black strings well beyond earlier studies, leading them to predict that the strings eventually turn into five-dimensional black holes."

Man, I really can't get enough of theoretical physics. I just wish I was more versed in the details and specific sciences. I understand this from a generalized perspective but not enough to really dig into it. I think if I hadn't ended up a computer geek I might have been a physicist. After all...

Physics is Phun!
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