Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Walkman Obit: Remembering the portable player

A Walkman Obit: Remembering the portable player
By JAKE COYLE, AP Entertainment Writer – Mon Oct 25, 9:01 pm ET

NEW YORK – "The Walkman, the Sony cassette device that forever changed music listening before becoming outdated by digital MP3 players and iPods, has died. It was 31 years old. Sony announced Monday that it has ceased production of the classic, cassette tape Walkman in Japan, effectively sounding the death knell of the once iconic, now obsolete device."

"Memories...  Like the corner of my mind."

I remember when this came out.  It was the Summer between my junior and senior years in high school.  You can't imagine what kind of impact it made.  Before that it was all about carrying the biggest Boombox.  That was fun, but those things got a tad heavy after a while.  Also, the Walkman did more for running/jogging than any shoe company ever did.  (Side note: I never ran or jogged with one but that's only because I never ran or jogged)

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