Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Year in Sanity: Constance McMillen

The Year in Sanity: Constance McMillen
When her high school tried to exclude her and her girlfriend from prom, the teen kept a cool head -- and won big
By Thomas Rogers

"Teenagers have endless reasons to be crazy -- the stress of school, the rush of hormones, Justin Bieber's haircut. So just imagine being Constance McMillen. Last winter, the gay 18-year-old was told by officials at her school, Mississippi's Atawamba Agricultural High School, that she couldn't bring her girlfriend to her senior prom. From that low point, things just got worse. After McMillen circulated a petition to protest the decision, the school board canceled the prom altogether, turning her into a target of peer scorn and her cause into a national story."

Hopefully this story will be a lesson to the future bigoted schools. I doubt it, though. Closed minds that hate aren't changed no matter how much they are punished. It just makes them even more stubbornly closed minded.
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