Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Airport security and the American soul

Airport security and the American soul
By Kevin Connolly
BBC News, Washington | 24 November 2010 Last updated at 15:13 ET

"As Americans count the blessings which providence has showered over them this Thanksgiving holiday, a division has emerged over how they should view the security staff on duty at the nation's airports.

Should they acclaim the staff of the Transportation Safety Authority - who are, after all, working on a public holiday - for protecting them with their ceaseless vigilance?

Or should they find something sinister in the new full-body screening machines and pat-down procedures which are making air travel here an ever less joyful experience?

At the heart of the debate are conflicting impulses within the American soul towards state authority.

This is a very interesting take on the whole TSA "pat-down" issue. As a US citizen who spent the majority of his life growing up in Europe (17 of my first 25 years, including 12 straight from the age of 13 to 25) I think I have a unique perspective here. I can see both sides of the debate. This article should help those citizens who have no experience outside of the States see things from a different angle.

This issue is not as black and white as it might seem.

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