Sunday, November 07, 2010

Is it forest or trees, leaves or weeds

Every so often there is this feeling of total blueness that comes over me. I have mentioned before that it feels like the song "Man in the Wilderness" by Styx.  It has been slowly seeping into my bones for a little while now and finally gained a foothold.  Hopefully this won't last to long.  It has already played havoc with my schoolwork these last two weeks.  If I drop/fail any more classes I'll fall below some predefined limit and could get dropped from the school.  At least that is the worst case scenario.

As I type this there are thirteen minutes until the time switch.  And five more days until my next anniversarial day. Now there's only ten minutes.  Mum just stopped in to see how I'm doing.  I lied and said I'm ok.


I'm going to bed.  Someone wake me for New Years.

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