Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scientist: NKorea built uranium enriching facility

Scientist: NKorea built uranium enriching facility
By FOSTER KLUG, Associated Press - Sun Nov 21, 11:00 am ET

SEOUL, South Korea "North Korea's claim of a new, highly sophisticated uranium enrichment facility could be a ploy to win concessions in nuclear talks or an attempt to bolster leader Kim Jong Il's apparent heir.

But whatever the reason for the revelation, which a seasoned American nuclear scientist called "stunning," it provides a new set of worries for the Obama administration, which is sending its special envoy on North Korea for talks with officials in South Korea, Japan and China this week."

Maybe now others will see why I have been much more concerned about North Korea than anything happening in the Middle East or Asia. Al Qaeda is sending bombs in printer cartridges. North Korea has ICBMs with multi-warhead capable payloads.

Duck and cover? I don't think so.

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