Saturday, December 04, 2010

Sexism in the Open Source world

Recently, I ran across a number of great posts about women in the open source world that, realistically, could be extended into the entire tech industry. I encourage everyone to read them -
I have been in the tech industry for almost 30 years. I've seen this kind of behavior and, to my regret, been an occasional party to some of it in my much younger days. As a male techie, I realize where this comes from. However, it doesn't take much for any person to overcome these kind of actions and reactions. There truly is no reason for women to be seen as anything less than the great minds and quality techies that they are.

Due to this behavior, some have come up with an "Example anti-harassment policy for conferences." This is a good place to start to try and squash this scourge from our industry.

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