Saturday, May 29, 2010

House vote advances end to ban on gays in military

House vote advances end to ban on gays in military
By Jim Abrams, Associated Press Writer – Fri May 28, 11:20 pm ET

WASHINGTON – "The House on Friday passed a defense bill that paves the way for gays to serve openly in the military for the first time, but advocates on both sides geared up for a fight in the Senate."

This is a good thing... In theory.

I am for getting rid of the ban, but just passing a law isn't going to make things easy. If those behind this would work at getting people properly educated, especially the military, the integration of openly gay soldiers would go a lot easier.
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to war we go...

"With hand grenades and razor blades.
Hi ho! Hi ho hi ho hi ho!"

In a previous post I said that the Korean conflict wouldn't lead to an all-out war. It seems I underestimated the stupidity of the human race.
While the Gulf Oil Debacle occupies the top spot in the headlines, the world is potentially standing on the brink of something far more horrifying. These two headlines from today sum up the whole thing quite nicely.
This situation really is far more dangerous than everyone gives credit.
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Army Approves MOH for Civil War Soldier

Army Approves MOH for Civil War Soldier
May 19, 2010
Associated Press

DELAFIELD, Wis. - "Seven score and seven years ago, a wounded Wisconsin soldier stood his ground on the Gettysburg battlefield and made a valiant stand before he was felled by a Confederate bullet.

Now, thanks to the dogged efforts of modern-day supporters, 1st Lt. Alonzo Cushing shall not have died in vain, nor shall his memory have perished from the earth.

This is a great story and an amazing feat of heroism.
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Friday, May 21, 2010

Beware Typhoid Adware

Beware Typhoid Adware
By Thomas Claburn | InformationWeek | May 21, 2010 05:55 PM

"Computer security researchers at the University of Calgary have developed a way to distribute adware without having to convince potential victims to install the adware on their computers."
[. . .]
"What makes the attack interesting is that the user of the contagious computer, like the historical figure Typhoid Mary, is likely to be unaware of his or her role in spreading ads to other computers on the same network. What's more, those receiving the ads won't find any malware on their machines, assuming it's adware rather than malicious software that's being spread."

This is one of those things where the tech is very cool but the use of said tech falls into the realm of very scary. The plus side is that if we know how it is done we can better protect against it. It is similar to why, even though biological warfare weapons are illegal, we still develop them in order to have defensive solutions against them.
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking

NKorea warns of war if punished for ship sinking
By Jean H. Lee, Associated Press Writer – Thu May 20, 12:22 pm ET

SEOUL, South Korea – "North Korea, accused of waging the deadliest attack on the South Korean military since the Korean War, flatly denied sinking a warship Thursday and warned that retaliation would mean "all-out war."
[. . .]
"If (South Korea) tries to deal any retaliation or punishment, or if they try sanctions or a strike on us .... we will answer to this with all-out war," [Col. Pak In Ho] told APTN."

Anyone care to make a wager on whether this is hot air or a real threat? I can tell you this; both of those choices would be wrong. I don't see an all-out war but I do see something that would lead to war. Somebody needs to step on NK once and for all.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Finale: Who Won?

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Finale: Who Won?
May 16, 7:31 PM PDT by Drusilla Moorhouse and Erik Pedersen

"Heroes always triumph.
Except in reality television.
Although the Heroes tribe was physically dominant, in the end the good guys were no match for the axis of evil.

Who won?

Who give a flying f**k!

No, I do not watch this tripe. The only reason for this post is so I can rant about now moronic this kind of stuff is. You'd be better off hitting yourself in the head with a hammer than watching this dreck.
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ronnie James Dio passed away

Sad news for fans of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Ronnie James Dio passed away at 7:45am today from stomach cancer. He was one of the greatest performers in any genera. No one had a voice or stage presence like his. The first time I heard him was on the Rainbow album "Long Live Rock & Roll (Polygram) 1978." He then spent a stint with Black Sabbath before going solo with his own band. I got to see him in concert a few times over the decades. He never failed to blow everyone away. Ronnie also gave us the Heavy Metal salute.

We will miss you, Ronnie.
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Webber leads Red Bull to 1-2 finish at Monaco GP

Webber leads Red Bull to 1-2 finish at Monaco GP
By Paul Logothetis, Ap Auto Racing Writer – Sun May 16, 11:28 pm ET

MONACO – "Mark Webber won the Monaco Grand Prix from the pole on Sunday to lead a Red Bull 1-2 finish on the famous street circuit."

Holey underwear, Batman! This is awesome news. I have been slacking on Formula 1 for the last few years so I wasn't prepared to see the RB team have a race like this. It is definitely time I get back in the circuit.

For those who don't know, Monaco is the Daytona of F1.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

As death toll rises, Thai PM defends crackdown

As death toll rises, Thai PM defends crackdown
By Vijay Joshi, Associated Press Writer – Sat May 15, 4:10 pm ET

BANGKOK – "Thailand's leader defended the deadly army crackdown on protesters besieging the capital's heart, saying Saturday the country's very future was at stake. Protesters dragged away the bodies of three people from sidewalks — shot by army snipers, they claim — as soldiers blocked major roads and pinned up notices of a 'Live Firing Zone.'"
Sometimes I think the world has lost its mind. You cannot hold power with violence. All you are doing is building up to an explosion which will destroy everything. That region is such a pretty and wonderful place on the planet it is sad that these kind of things are destroying it.
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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Thailand censors more websites as protests persist

Thailand censors more websites as protests persist
By Grant Peck And Thanyarat Doksone, Associated Press Writers – Sat May 8, 4:20 am ET

"The government of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is fighting a battle on at least two major fronts against protesters seeking its ouster. On the streets, a massive force of soldiers and police has only managed to battle them to a standstill. In cyberspace, the authorities have fared little better, despite efforts to block dissenting voices with the threat of lengthy prison terms."

This is for all you people out there who think that the News media is a pawn of the government. Anytime you feel that you're living in a repressive society in the US just take a look at what is happening in other places on this planet.
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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Oil Rig Explosion Conspiracy Theory

I am not a conspiracy nut. I don't ascribe to the idea that complex and intricate conspiracies are better explanations than a simple, straightforward reason. The CIA did not kill JFK, the US Military did not shoot down TWA Flight 800 and 'W' didn't have the towers destroyed by a demolition team just to start the Gulf War version two. However, if I were inclined to think such things, I might be tempted to think that the oil rig explosion and subsequent oil slick were done intentionally. How so? Glad you asked.

Recently there's been a catch phrase popping up here and there. "Drill baby, drill!" The idea being that if the companies start drilling for oil in and around the continental US, the country wouldn't be so dependent on foreign oil imports. Recently, President Obama agreed with the idea. Well, not three weeks later, there's an explosion on an oil rig in the gulf of Mexico. It is the worst oil disaster in US history, if hot the world.

Coincidence? Maybe. But let's look at it with the paranoid eye of a conspiracy.

What would it mean if the US started pumping its own oil? First, the Venezuelans, Mexicans and Canadians would start losing massive amounts of money. What? You didn't know that the US gets 43.9% of its oil imports from there? You thought it came from the Middle East, which accounts for only 14.3% of imports? Interesting. Anyway, there would be a major shift in the flow of oil money. The big, multinational oil companies wouldn't like that. Not at all. So they would be less than upset if "something" happened to kill "Drill baby, drill." Not to mention that the price of crude will eventually have to raise as a result of this spill.

Then there are the "climate change" forces. Since all their "science" as been proven wrong, they need something to use in order to keep their multi-quadrillion dollar scam going. While the oil spill can't be directly tied to their Chicken Little cries, it doesn't take a genius to say that if the world didn't use oil, which is the cause of all the carbon badness, the spill wouldn't have happened. Plus, they can always use anything that threatens the ecological balance of the planet as grist for their mill. Thus, as with the oil companies, they want to stop, not only the coast drilling, but all drilling. This disaster will go a long way towards giving them stronger support.

There are more ideas for conspiracies but these two are enough for now.

So what can we make of them? I can see more people agreeing with the first scenario. After all, we know that the big companies are so greedy they would do anything to make more money. Goldman Sachs was more than happy to see the economy crumble and people go homeless if it increased their profits. But I think this is the lesser likely plot. I feel it is more like the kind of thing fanatics would do. And when it comes to the fanaticism of the "climate change" people, Al Qaeda has nothing on them. They would not think twice about causing billions of dollars in damage and even threatening the lives of millions of people to get what they want.

But I doubt that the climate/ecology theory will gain anywhere near the followers as the oil company theory. That's because the former have positioned themselves as the Good Guys® while everyone knows that the oil companies are evil. The trouble with that is they are both evil. Neither of them is concerned about anything but their own agendas of power and money.

There you go. Two grand conspiracies for you to mull over. I do want to make it clear that I am not subscribing to either of these ideas. The oil rig exploded due to negligence, mistakes and lots of gas. Real conspiracies only work if the number of conspirators is kept to a small handful. The more people involved, the less likely it will actually happen. But sometimes it is a fun mental exercise to let your mind wander down the path of wild, irrational speculation.

Side note: Yes, that is really how I feel about the climate idiots. But that is not to say I am against ecological responsibility. While they are running around yelling about carbon footprints, I am doing what I can to try and clean up the garbage. It is not climate change that's threatening the world. It is pollution. Iron Eyes Cody was write all along.
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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tease of things to come

Here are some things I hope to write about in the near future.
  • The Gulf oil spill and why it might have been done intentionally
  • Why many US'ians think Islam equals Terrorism
  • Sandra Bullock's interracial adoption catches flack
  • My brother is psychotically irrational, but who cares
  • How do you deal with a teen boy who has no respect for his parents
And the usual assortment of news/commentary I might happen to dig up.

It's to darn hot!

The AC has been out at the house for a few weeks now. With the warm weather coming in, and the local area being developed on swampland, the heat and humidity is less than comfortable. It has been worse because, for reasons as yet unknown, temperatures above 55° have become unpleasant. Needless to say, this has made blogging (as well as everything else) difficult. Well, that and the fact that I can't keep the computers on for more than a half-hour before they overheat. There are some things I do want to get to, though, so I'll try and do my best to post some things soon.

For the handful of you out there who actually read my babbling's.