Saturday, February 05, 2011

Finally upgraded to Fedora 14

As the title says, I finally got around to upgrading my main Linux box to Fedora 14. The upgrade was smoother than I've had with any OS in a long time. The only problem was with Flash. Of course, every upgrade has had a problem with Flash. It's 99.9% caused by Flash, too. When I try to play flash movies there's no sound and the frame rate is double or triple normal. Now, while this is annoying, it's not a critical problem. I'm sure it's been encountered by others so all I need to do is hit the support list. But I'm not in the mood to mess around with it right now. And it's not like I watch movies or videos that often anyway. What this does mean is that proprietary software sucks when compared to open source software.

Next on the list is upgrading the server to CentOS 5 and then the frelling Windows box to Win 7 (ugh).

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