Wednesday, March 02, 2011

News Flash: Your Music Is Not Your Product

News Flash: Your Music Is Not Your Product
This post is by singer / songwriter Jeff Macdougall (@jeffmacdougall).

"When a label executive tells you that they are "not in the business of selling discs", (or vinyl, tape, t-shirts, etc.) and that they are actually "selling music," they are, at best, fooling themselves, or at worst, lying to your face. Moving plastic, vinyl, paper and/or any other tangible good they can dream up is exactly what the recording industry has been about since it was established."

Here is someone with a clue. Read his commentary and see why the entertainment industry is so messed up. He is not saying that music is valueless. In fact, he is saying the opposite. But, until the greedy b*st*rds of the world get it, things will continue to be messed up.

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