Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sick and tired of crappy hardware and worse software

I know I have, on occasion, mentioned that I am less than entheuastic about Microsoft and their products. Well, there's also some hardware vendors that get a little annoying, too. Todays spotlight is on eMachines and Dell. The former made the box I have been using for my schoolwork for the last couple of years. It was running Vista with all kinds of other Microsoft products. Unfortunately, this is mandated by the fact that the online schools all standardizes on Microsoft solutions. I can understand their reasoning, but it is still a huge pain-in-the-rear. Well, this system has been flaky from the get-go. Today, it finally died completely.

This is where Dell comes into play. There was a computer we got for my Mum a few years back that she never really used. This turned out to be fortuitous, in light of the previously mentioned situation. I proceeded to set this box up and installed Windows 7 on it. Due to the classes I am taking, I need a halfway decent video card in the box. Thus, I took the card out of the old system to put into this new one. But the Dell box is non-standard in its hardware setup so I had to jury rig it into the case. It's working, but the connection is precarious. But there is now another problem to deal with.

The hard drive in the eMachines is no longer being recognized at all. The only hope of recovering all the class work is to take the drive out and hook it up to the Dell. If the drive isn't physically damaged this shouldn't be tremendously difficult. My guess is that the drive is relatively ok and the problem lies with Vista. So tomorrow I'll be back messing around with hardware again. Unfortunately, since I've already missed three days of classwork, this is going to put me even further behind.

When I finally get all of this settled down I am going to redo the eMachines box with either Linux or one of the BSD's. At least it'll be a usable box then.


  1. Dude, boot to a Linux LiveCD and recover your data from the HD. If Windows is corrupt, you should still be able to get the rest. Of course, you know this, but I'm just reminding you because your having a bad day, and we forget things when we are having a bad day.


  2. Yeah, I should have thought of that. I was just so frustrated it was all I could do to keep from drop kicking the computer out the window.