Monday, May 23, 2011

All's Quiet on the UnKnown Front

It's been a tad slow here, hasn't it. It's not like there's a dearth of things for me to babble on about. I've just been disinclined to get on the computers for anything lately. There are 174 unread email in my inbox at the time of this posting. That's bout 150 more than my usual "I haven't cleared things out in a while" count. It's because I've been really down these last few months. The last three terms in school have netted me a 0.00 GPA. Yes, that means I've failed, or withdrawn from, all my classes this calendar year. Looks like I set a record in the Calc I class, too. I've taken it four times already. At the rate things are going my son, who will be graduating 8th grade next month, will finish high school before I get my degree.

One thing that would be an huge help is for me to get a part-time job of some kind. We completely drained the checking and savings accounts this month by the 12th. Normally we make it until the last week of the month before the accounts run dry. Last month I interviewed for a position on the local Best Buy's Geek Squad but it's obvious that I didn't get the job. Last week I looked up the addresses for all the local employment agencies so I'll try hitting them this week. The difficult part is that I can't do any manual labor and the part-time/temp white collar jobs aren't looking to get a scruffy looking, middle-aged man as an office assistant or receptionist. And even if there were those kind of positions in the high tech arena, it's been six-and-a-half years since I've worked. Potential employers are going to think my skills are nonexistent or, at best, extremely rusty.

One positive thing is that I am going to try and play the guitar again. I haven't really played in over 20 years and, with my hands being crippled, the odds of me getting back to something remotely decent are slim. But, even if I can't get to the point of playing publicly, just being able to crunch out some blues/metal riffs would feel so unbelievably good. And besides, Django Reinhardt could only use two fingers on his fret hand and he became a legend. Not that I'd ever come close to that. However, if I can hit some metal power cords and catch some feedback... That would really be nice.

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