Monday, July 11, 2011

Disgusting Hypocrites!

Casey Anthony and Jurors Targeted by Death Threats
7/10/2011 12:55 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

"Someone is threatening to kill Casey Anthony, her lawyers, and the jurors who found her 'not guilty' of murdering her daughter -- this according to Casey's attorney Cheney Mason."


Casey Anthony juror, 60, quits work and flees town in fear of her life
Last updated at 1:24 PM on 11th July 2011

"A juror in the Casey Anthony trial has told how she received death threats and has been unable to work since she was cleared of murder.

The woman, known only as juror number 12 left her job and went into hiding fearing co-workers would 'want her head on a platter'."

This is disgusting. Following on to what I posted earlier, the reaction of some people following the jury verdict in this trial is unbelievable. There is outrage that Casey Anthony was acquitted of killing her daughter yet it is just fine to threaten the lives of the jurors. Stupid, stupid people. They are no better than her. You want justice? Prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she did it. The prosecution in this case didn't do that. You want to be mad at someone? Be mad and them. But no matter the case, to make death threats against people who only did exactly what they were supposed to do is insane.

This stuff makes me sick.

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