Sunday, July 10, 2011

The erosion of the US legal process is at hand

Ok, maybe things aren't as drastic as that, but there's something very troubling going on in the wake of the Casey Anthony acquittal. The amount of outrage and the firestorm it incited isn't something new. But the way people are so 100% positive that she killed her daughter makes me worried. Almost everyone I've heard from has never even thought about the legal aspect of "innocent until proven guilty." Now, I think she probably was responsible in some way for the little girls death. But it seemed like everyone had her convicted before the trial even started. Again, this isn't something new. The part that troubles me is that there are rumblings that the law should be changed in some way so that this "travesty of justice" doesn't happen again.

Let me be clear. There was no travesty of justice! The system worked exactly as it is supposed to. The prosecution put on their case and, for reasons none but the jury will know, they didn't make that case well enough. This doesn't matter to many people, though. They didn't want a trial, just a summary hanging.

We should remember that there's a reason for trials and juries. It's one thing to be incensed by the outcome of this trial. But the system worked the way it's supposed to. And, whether we think Casey Anthony did it or not, we do not have the right to say that our uninformed opinions should take precedent over the verdict of a jury. Therefor, we should not be looking to pass or change any laws because of this case. Let things cool down and allow reason to return. That's what truly needs to be done.

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