Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Trying to break a great man

This weekend a story broke about a former football coach at the University of Penn State. It seems that, after retiring from the football program there, he was molesting young boys. This is a disgusting thing and he should be punished severely for it. The situation has also cost the jobs of the athletic director and the schools VP. They are being investigated for lying to the authorities about the abuse. All of this is as it should be. You do something bad, you get punished for it.

But there's something happening that is nearly as disgusting. There are people who are calling for the resignation of Joe Paterno. This is beyond ignorant. The authorities have stated that Joe Pa did the right thing by alerting the school when he found out about the allegations. He did everything legally, ethically and morally that could be expected for anyone yet he's being crucified.

But, for many longtime PSU/Joe Pa followers, this isn't as surprising as it might seem. Joe Pa has been part of a big-time university football program that doesn't play by the "rules." There's no cheating; no grade fixing; no "extra" special privileges... Joe Pa wins games because he plays fair and works hard. The elite university football establishment can't stand that. So they have been wanting him out for decades. Now they will try and use this incident to break him down.

After all, we can't have honest, decent men ruining our cash cow.

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