Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Funding Hate is More Than Just Wrong

I received this alert a few days ago. This kind of hate can't be condoned.

In the last few weeks, a group of regular people has been urging big companies to cut ties with CVN (also known as CGBG) - a site that allows customers to donate a portion of their online purchases to 'charities' - including several anti-gay groups such as Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. Because of those efforts, dozens of major companies have dropped off the network.

But now these groups have taken notice and they are pushing their supporters to directly contact companies like Apple, Macy's, Microsoft and Netflix and push them to re-join CVN. These companies have come out in support of LGBT rights, but are now the targets of a powerful hate machine.

Please join me by adding your name to this petition telling these companies that funding hate is more than just wrong - it's bad business.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I said shake, rattle and roll

At around 1400 hours EDT today I got to experience my first earthquake.  A 5.9 magnitude hit in central VA 9 miles from Mineral, VA. I was napping at the time when the bed started shaking quite violently. Now that I have this experience I will be most happy to never experience this experience again.

Monday, August 01, 2011

50 Most Common and Easy Passwords that You Should Avoid

50 Most Common and Easy Passwords that You Should Avoid

"When it comes to providing passwords online, many users want to have a “one password fits all” for ease and convenience not really knowing that this could spell disaster.

The funny thing is most people do not bother deliberately creating their passwords, but rather just go with lame passwords that even a 2 year old kid can guess. Little did they know that their passwords belong to the “universal passwords” that a amateur hackers happen to have a list of."

You would be surprised at what's on this list. More surprising is how many of these I have encountered over the years.