Thursday, November 08, 2012

Why I voted the way I voted

This election was, in my opinion, a great success for all the issues that I support. There was a good cleaning out of fanatical "religious" congressional members, the election of the first openly gay Senator and the legalization of Same Sex Marriage in Maryland & Maine. These are all things I support whole heartily.

So why did I vote for Romney?!? Two reasons; one reasonable and rational, the other less so.

The former is that, while the Democratic party espouses many things I feel are good and right, there are other policies that I believe are less so. Basically, things related to taxes, some social issues, foreign policy and financial institutions are flawed. Mind you, the position of the GOP on these same issues is equally flawed. Suffice to say that neither party is anywhere near truly doing the right things for the country and, by extension, the world. It is simply that the Republican party is farther off target these days. But to keep things from getting out of hand one way or other we need some balance in the government. This balance would have been well set if Romney were elected.

The second reason was personal. You see, the GOP has a reputation (deservedly so) of being arrogant, elitist, bigoted and greedy. There is no denying this. The thing is, the Democratic party is equally arrogant, elitist, bigoted and greedy. The pure, unadulterated hatred of Romney and the GOP by people like Mark Hamill and most of the Entertainment industry plus the incessant lies, misinformation and disgusting comments spewed all over Twitter by others was sickening. If I was on the fence this definitely pushed me over the line.

And that's why I voted the way I voted.

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