Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Trying to Get Organized

Like every other human on the planet, with the single exception of my mother (just ask her), I have many faults. Right now I am trying to deal with one of the more annoying ones. Organization, or the lack thereof.

I am not good at organizing, well, anything. I'm especially bad at time management and prioritization. Right now there are three things I need to be doing -
  • Getting the new server up
  • Putting a course together on C++
  • Making games for the One Game A Month initiative
I'm just about done with the server move. The only major thing left is get the user accounts over and the Sumo mailing list back up. This shouldn't be a tremendous bit of work but I started it in November and, well, it's February. Once it's moved we'll be saving around $60 a month, though.

The course is about halfway done. I'd hoped to have it up last December but it's been really rough going trying to find the resources and organizing it all. I keep getting overly complicated with my attempts at assignments and quizzes. Seems I spend half my time undoing and simplifying what I did the day(s) before. This is a paying gig, though, so I need to get it going.

The problem with #1GAM is that I'd much rather be doing it than anything else. It occupies my "thinking time" and distracts me from getting anything else done. The one drawback to this is that there is no financial gain directly related to this project. Yeah, it's possible that I could make some game that people would like and buy, but that's unlikely. The previously described tasks do have direct and significant financial rewards. So they're the ones I should be focusing on. Key words being "should be".

If I were organized, even 1/10th as organized as a normal human being, I'd likely be done first the first two and happily hacking away at game code. But, I'm not. So I am going to try and do something about it. Not sure what, yet. I've tried schedules and all kinds of other time management devices but they all fall apart when faced with my overly distractedness and general lack of motivation (i.e. laziness). I need something different; something off-the-wall. Maybe I'll dream something up one of these nights.

Eh, I'll probably just dream of code.

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