Monday, February 11, 2013

What's the next step, Joe?

The server migration is effectively done. There's still a bunch of things that need to be tweaked, but mail is flowing and the websites are reachable. Next on the agenda is getting the Intro to C++ course finished.

I've given myself a deadline of having it go live by March 1st. This is not an unreasonable deadline. But this is starting to squeeze into my #1GAM time. I do have a game that's 90% done but completely playable which I can use if it comes to that. But I'd rather put something else up and get that game 100% completed. Right now I'm leaning towards making an educational game for Android with the MIT App Inventor. This is doable but I need an idea of what kind of game to make.

Maybe I'll make a flashcard game about the Cold War.

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