Monday, May 31, 2004

I hate long weekends when I don't have my son

I had an article about the European GP race at the Nurburgring on Sunday but it wasn't to be. During my eloquent and insightful wright-up the browser crashed. Oh well, such is life.

The Ex and I alternate weekends with our son throughout the year with me having him during the week while school is in then she gets him during the week in the summer. We keep switching weekends throughout the whole year. I do get to have two consecutive weeks with him during the summer. Major holidays, Like Christmas, New Years, Easter and Thanksgiving are alternated yearly. Minor holidays, like today, he just stays with the one of us that would normally have him then. By explaining all of this I'm leading up to the fact that there are two or three weeks left of school. With the snowday's they've had this winter I'm not sure when his last day will be. I believe it's the weekend of June 19-20. That's fine by me as I want to get every moment I can to be with him.

The only other thing of interest this weekend has been my insomnia. It's extremely rare that I can't sleep but I didn't sleep a wink Friday night nor Saturday night. I got about 4 or 5 hours last night but I am running on fumes. It's already nearly two hours past when I wanted to go to bed. All the meds are kicking in and I feel like I'm underwater. Everything is slow and I can't focus my eyes on anything. It's very much like being underwater.

This means I have to call an end to this entry. I can't see the screen or the keyboard.

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