Friday, June 11, 2004

Lots of Linux this Weekend

I am planning on doing a bunch of things this weekend. First, I'm already in the middle of upgrading my main workstation from Fedora Core 1 to Fedora Core 2. Shouldn't be a major problem there. Then I need to redo the new server (ok, I've had the damned thing for 7 months so it's not "new"). I had it running with Whitebox Linux but the partition setup I had was not quite optimal. The 500MB I'd allocated to /var was not nearly enough. The system has a 120GB drive in it and I'm thinking about putting another 60GB drive in as well. Still need to figure out a good partition scheme. I usually have these partitions on servers -


This should be good enough to handle what I need to run on this box. The only question is how much space to allocate to each one. I'm also thinking about trying cAos CentOS-3 instead of Whitebox. No major reason other than wanting to see how they look against each other.

I also want to play a little with SUSE Linux. I really believe that Novell has a clue this time and Novell SUSE Linux will be even better than it is now. I haven't really looked at SUSE in many years. It'll be good to get a feel for it.

Lastly, I have a couple of articles I need to write for Linux Weekly News. There's two in the queue right now, though the editors are thinking about combining them into one. that should work as they are very similar articles that have a lot of overlap. I have another one outlined that needs to be put together. Then I'm going to do some reviews of different, lesser known linux distros. There's a couple of them out there that look pretty interesting. I just wish I had the time and resources to spend doing this more often.

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