Saturday, June 05, 2004

Sumo videos

Natsu Basho 2004 Movies. The Natsu Basho is the third tournament (Basho) of six that happen every year. Sumo, along with Formula 1 racing, are my favorite sports. Most people think that Sumo is just two fat guys trying to push each other out of a ring. On the surface this is true. But Sumo is so much more. There's a culture and history that goes back 1500 years or more. And the Sekitori, or professional Sumo wrestler, are really very athletic. If you watch their practices you'd be amazed at their flexibility and strength and, especially, their conditioning. They aren't going to be running any marathons but in the few seconds that a bout normally lasts they will expend as much energy as someone playing a full game of soccer. These guys are like NFL linebackers covered by a good sized layer of fat. And the fat is actually a help in Sumo. It's all about balance and center of gravity. If you want to see something amazing look at the bouts with the Yokozuna (Grand Champion) Asashoryu. You will never view Rikishi in the same way again.

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