Sunday, June 27, 2004

Snakehead Terror - The Movie

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"When a horror from the deep hunts
on land, there is no place to hide."

Just got finished watching this. Definitely not a lot of Science in this SciFi movie. But, since I live in the area where the move supposedly took place (it was at some fictional lake in Maryland) and, for the last two years, there have been Snakeheads found in the local waterways (including the Potomac River) I wanted to watch it anyway.

First off I was quite surprised at the level of graphic gore displayed in the movie. Lot's of dismemberment of bodies and blood squirting all over the place. It looked fake but still the idea of showing a mans or leg head being ripped off is still more than I'd expect from the SciFi Channel.

Bruce Boxleitner and Carol Alt starred in this film. Now, I have always like Bruce (he is Captain John Sheridan, after all) and he did a decent job. Carol is, as usual, very nice to look at. I wish she'd have shown more skin (I know, I'm a sexist pig; can't help it... I like to see women in as little clothing as possible).

As for the fish, the special effects weren't so bad considering the budget of this film had to be quite small. They probably spent most of it on the stars to give it the name factor. The plot was stretched paper thin but held together enough to make it to the end of the movie. All in all, though, not a movie I'd pay money for. If it hadn't been on the SciFi Channel I wouldn't have seen it in the first place.

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