Thursday, June 24, 2004


I'm sure that everyone has already heard about Michael Moore's mocumentary "Fahrenheit 9/11". As one reviewer on the local news radio station said, if you're a liberal you will like it and if you are a conservative you won't. The movie is being seen as a great window on reality and a pile of dirt full of lies. I don't think there's anyone in any kind of middle ground on it. Moore is quite good at making these kind of movies, just look at his "Bowling for Columbine". Now, I haven't seen either of these films, nor have I seen anything done by Moore. I don't plan to, either. This has nothing to do with my political stance, though.

I can remember when Mr. Moore first came to the spotlight. He made "Roger & Me" documentaries for fun and profit. He knew they were not factual. We knew they were not factual. He even declared they were mocumentaries (think Spinal Tap). But somehow, between those first days and today, everyone seems to have forgotten that the movies Moore makes are all factious. He takes something that is happening in the world and makes entertaining (though, some may argue that point) fictional movies about them. I don't care what his political or social views are, I just don't like that people are taking his opinions as gospel truth.

I just finished a "discussion" with a co-worker, Light Green (aka LG), about Moore and his movies. LG is quite animated in his social and political views (but in a very rational way, something I admire him for) and he did regale me for making an opinion without ever seeing any of Moore's movies. He's right in that respect but my issue isn't with the movies themselves, It's with Moore's methods. LG commented that Moore's movies are put forth in such a way to balance the common media perception. Maybe this is true. But I don't like when anyone, whether it's on something I agree with or not, slants (or even blatantly misrepresents) the information they present.

Maybe I am being a bigoted, closed minded dumbass. I wouldn't doubt it. But I am getting to damn old to deal with so much BS that's in the world these days. I guess I'll just go see Spider-Man 2.

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