Friday, July 16, 2004

It's oh-three-thirty. Why am I still awake?

I'm so damn tired I can barely see but I can't get to sleep. My son is dead-out and when morning comes he'll be whizzing around at 145 kph like normal. I'll never be able to keep up.

It seems that Blogger has a new compose interface. Lots of new formatting features. However it seem that the spell checking doesn't work. That's definitely not a good thing in my case. My spelling prowess, or the lack thereof, is (in)famous around the world. Anyone who's ever received an email from me before good spell checkers came into being knows how truly bad I am at English word spelling. I can probably still tear up German but in the 41 years I've been around spelling English words is something I just can't grep.

$DEITY, I just fell asleep at the "wheel". Dozed off and ended up pressing the space bar for a L-O-N-G time. What a trip.

I'm hungry. I want a snack but don't have any in the house. Well I have Oreo and chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies but no milk. Can't eat the cookies without milk.

Man I wish the spell checker worked. I can still use my workaround, open a compose window in Evolution, type the message there then cut-n-paste it to the Blogger form. Think I'll do that... Ok, now I'm in Evolution. Already found a small handful of words misspelled.

I didn't get an article written for LWN this week, which was disappointing. I'll be working double-time this weekend. I know that they are relying on me for some content as many of their outside writers are on vacation and such.

Oh hell, I fell out again. My snoring woke me up. That's one thing I can claim to be world class in... Snoring. You can hear me from the other side of the house and possibly from outside my bedroom window.

My son is all hooked on a Spider-Man game on his iMac. I need to get a joystick for him. The guy at CompUSA said that all the ones they had there would only work under a Microsoft OS. I think he's full of it as a USB is a USB. But I'm going to check with the Mac store, just in case.

That's enough for tonight. Or should I say this morning?

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  1. I finally got to sleep by 0430. And then my Ex calls me up at 0730. Oh well... I'll sleep this weekeind, hopefully.