Friday, July 30, 2004

Today sucked!

I made it to work yesterday feeling ok and figured I'd be good for today, so I could at least salvage a bit of the week. No such frelling luck.

I was a complete mess today. Didn't make it out of bed till nearly 1500. I don't know why today was so bad. I was feeling fine, even up to last night. But when the alarm went off this morning I couldn't even get up to turn it off. Had to crawl to the bathroom (thank $DEITY I made it). It's been only now that I've felt up to getting online. Hopefully this weekend I'll be better and able to get some things done. I have a full day for Saturday (see previous entry) and I would like to maybe visit the Thai Buddhist Temple on Sunday. If for no reason than to let Prah Aroon know I'm still alive. Hell, I don't know if he's still assigned there.

Maybe tomorrow will help me make a turn around. I'm really tired of being sick.

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