Friday, July 30, 2004

I have a date

I'd mentioned Together Dating a little while back. After checking them over and talking to the people there I went a head and gave it a shot. I didn't get the hard sell and there was no pressure at all to sign up. The cost was extremely reasonable, unlike the $2500 I sunk into Great Expectations for two years of nothing (if you are thinking of trying them out, don't). In fact, the guy I met with actually suggested I wait a few days. I did and it might have been worth it. Tomorrow I have a date with a lady.

It's just a simple, no strings dinner. The surprising thing was that I got this first referral so fast. It came in the mail yesterday. We're going to meet at a Red, Hot and Blue and see how things go. There's no pressure to make this date more than a meeting and "getting to know you" kinda thing. Together Dating has me confirmed for 8 more referrals of women that they matched me with. With luck one of them will be something special but at worst I'll get out and meet some women. If I end up with a few new friends it'll be a good thing.

Before that, though, I have a baby shower to go to. A co-worker/friend is going to have their first baby something around September. It's funny, a few months ago he took his wife for a cruise vacation. There's absolutely no doubt when conception happened for them. The shower is being thrown by one of his long-time friends who also happens to work with us, though in a different group. The friend just had their first baby just a month or two ago.

I remember when my ex was pregnant with our son. There's so many things happening. The most interesting, though, was the number of people who'd start out with the "Oh, that's great" then immediately go into how a friend or family member had some great problem or difficulty with the delivery or pregnancy. It's the same when you tell people that your getting married. They all have to retell some dire event like someone being left at the alter or one fiance cheating on the other before they get hitched. It's like people don't want you to be happy or something. Maybe someday someone should do a study or something.

Anyway, tomorrow promises to be interesting. I'll report back when it's all over. Or maybe I won't. Who knows?

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