Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Welcome to Together Dating

Welcome to Together Dating. At least that's what they say.

Since my divorce, or more accurately since my separation, I have been trying out various dating services. I was completely sucked into joining Great Expectations. My advice? Don't. They took about $2500 from me and I got less than nothing from them. I had much better results from the $20-$40 a month on the personals web sites. And I didn't have much luck with them.

Finding someone to go out with on a social date, as opposed to a romantic date, isn't easy. First off, I have little time to spend "going out". Having my son with me takes up all my time and on the alternating weekends he's at him mothers I'm to tired to do anything but the laundry and dishes and shopping and whatever to go out.

Work is not help 'cause the people I work with are 98% male. Of the two women there, one is almost old enough to be my mother and the other is, well, if you can't say something nice about someone you shouldn't say anything. So I'm saying nothing.

The Bar/Club scene isn't an option. With my disability the way it is I'd be lucky if I could spend 3 minutes out before having to go home. Standing is difficult. I'm not as immune to the whole smoke and booze atmosphere as I was 20 years ago.

What else is left? Church would be a potential option but I don't go to church. Social clubs? The only ones I ever belonged to were all tech ones and the only women at these kind of things were the waitresses serving the drinks. How about relatives. There's always someone willing to fix you up with a friend or co-worker. Well, not in this family. Thank $DEITY for that. Are there any other ways to meet someone? Maybe, but I don't know what they are.

While wandering the web one day I ran across this Together Dating site. At first I'm thinking it's just another Great Expectations. "Give us (lots of) money then all you have to do is come in and look at all the books we have filled with pictures." You find someone, attempt to initiate contact and hope that they contact you back." Yeah, right. Not even if I looked like Brad Pitt. But this place promises a different approach. They will do all the matching for you and initiate the introductions. All you have to do is meet the person and see if there is any potential.

Now, they don't do this for free, naturally. And, being the kind of company they are, you won't find a price list on their web site. However, I'm guessing that they aren't looking to suck as much money out of you as they can and run like Great Expectations. OC, I could be wrong. It's an interesting premise, though. I might have to contact them and see what they have. If it doesn't cost an arm and a leg maybe I'll give it a shot. I mean, I really would like to have someone special in my life. Who knows?

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