Sunday, August 01, 2004

My First "Together" Date

I'd have to say it went well. The lady was a bit late getting to our arranged spot, a Red, Hot and Blue restaurant (ok, she was 20 minutes late) due to a small accident her 4 year old had. He got a small cut on his leg and didn't want mommy to go. His grandma was there, though, so she was able to make it.

My first impression was that she is a very nice looking woman. In fact she is quite pretty. She was wearing a tank top, slacks and sandal's. That was good for me because I do have a healthy foot fetish (no, not like you see in the porn movies, I just like looking... Mostly). When we were done with dinner and getting ready to leave I did compliment her on her shoes. I remembered that from the movie the American President.

After meeting we went to order our food. She is a good talker, says a lot but does not dominate a conversation, which was good for me. I've been trying very hard these last few years to not be the non-stop blabbermouth baboon. We took turns talking about our children, how the culture in the States is different from what we grew up with. She's originally from Peru and still has a nice accent. Seems I'm drawn to women with accents.

I noticed one interesting thing... Whenever she was talking, didn't matter the subject, she would look all around at everything except at me. When I talked she'd look directly and me and listen. Don't know what, if anything, to make of it.

We also talked a little about our past relationships. This was a topic initiated by her. I tried to keep from getting into to much detail about my situation. It seems she's had two major relationships; got married when she was like 16 to a guy she was seeing in Peru and had a "steady" up her in the US for a while. I get the idea that, for the first one, she got pregnant and their families more-or-less made them get married. She moved up to Baltimore around '84 and lived there till she got divorced something like 8 years ago. She later started seeing the other guy. He was cheating on her so she kicked him to the curb, but not before she got pregnant again. So now she's got a daughter who's 21 and in the Navy, a 17 year old son and a 4 year old son. We also shared the difficulties of being single parents.

I didn't go into my disability 'cause the subject never came up. If we have any future dates I'll let her in on all of it, though.

Not much else to say, really. It was nice and an enjoyable hour with decent food. I don't like BBQ all that much so the menu is pretty limited for me there. She did say that she'd been with Together Dating for 2 years an has been semi-regularly seeing someone she met through them for a little while but it seemed like that wasn't quite the relationship she was looking for.

As for us? I told her I'd give her a call the week after next and see if she still wanted to go out. The bottom line impression from this first date is that she is not in a very emotionally stable time in her life right now. Mostly due to the pressures of being a single parent, working three jobs and having her daughter over in Iraq. If there is a next time and she's less stressed out there's potentially some potential there. But I'm also going to be getting more referrals from Together and so is she. So...

Who knows?

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