Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Concerning Love and Joy

One of the things I use this blog for is to blow off steam. Life can get a little annoying so we try to find ways of releasing the pent-up frustration. I, like many others, have taken to blogging for this. One of the consequences of posting these rants in a public forum is that others will potentially see them. This is both good and bad. We wouldn't be blogging if there was no possibility of anyone reading what we write. But the down side is that since everyone can read what we post, those whom we might be ranting about can read them, too. All this babbling comes down to the fact that, on occasion, I post things about my ex-wife in here. And she, also on occasion, reads them.

Thus I would like to make one thing crystal clear... My ex-wife and I are on very good terms and I feel that she is a great mother to our son. She loves him more than anything else in the world, as do I. No matter what happens we will always share this bond of loving our son. Anything I might say about her in here or in the real world is not an indication of, and should never be taken as, her love for our son. It's true that, again on occasion, I think she is insane. But then again I thought that way before we were ever married. I'm positive that she, (here it is again) on occasion, has thought the same of me.

So, bottom line: We both love and care for our son. This is without question and without reservation.

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