Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Another whacked up night

I'm trying to get my son back into the rhythm of a school day so getting him to bed before 2330 (11:30 pm for the mortals out there) is the big chore. It's been slow going as he's learned that I'll fall asleep on the couch way before he does so then he sneaks off to my room to watch more cartoons. But if I lay down with him he falls right to sleep. Unfortunately so do I. I'll end up sawing away for a while then usually fall off the side of the bed. He's got a thousand stuffed animals on the floor next to the bed so it's a soft landing. The only thing is that it's normally 2 to 4 hours after we went to bed. Here I am now, just woken from "Z" manufacturing. It's 0219 (2:19 am) and I'm tired but can't sleep. So what do I do? Blog it, of course. As soon as I'm done here I'll be off to my own bed (where I can snore to my hearts content).

As a side note, I've been looking for a Linux blog reader. Found a few. Maybe I'll do a blog reader review for LWN one of these days.

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