Friday, September 10, 2004

Exhausted and full of nicotine

As usual I should be sleeping now. In fact I am, in fits. I find myself, sitting here on the computer, dosing off for a few seconds/minutes waking only to the sound of my keyboard clicking as my hands end up resting on it. Sleep would be highly desirable tonight. Oh well...

I ran across the Linux Distribution Chooser (again, I seem to find cool things like this them misplace the URL only to find it again. I checked the answers it gave out and, for the most part, they all performed quite well. It didn't match me to my Linux distro but I didn't expect it to. The ones they have are; Xandros, PCLinuxOS, Mandrake, MEPIS, Knoppix, Gentoo, Fedora, Suse, Debian, MEPIS, Slackware, Damn Small Linux (Yellow Dog Linux & Gentoo were also chosen for people with Mac hardware).

Speaking of the Mac, I am currently ripping(?) some of my albums... uh, I mean "CDs" so I can get them on my iPod. I've found a couple of them, maybe 50 or so, and have been putting them on a few at a time. Somewhere in a box in this house are more CDs. I'm going to try and fill up the 20 gig (well, more like 18.8 gig) that this iPod has in it.

Looks like I'll be staying up all night. I started writing this at around 0230 and it's now 0500. Just 3 more hours before I'm supposed to wake up. This morning should be a vigorous one... I left the headlights on in the car over night so the battery is dead. I'll have to walk my son the 4 blocks to the bus stop so he can catch it at 0845 or so and I'll end up working from home. Thankfully there's a lot of things I can do from here. Thank $DEITY for ssh.

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