Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Did you know today was Wednesday?

I didn't. It's probably because of the holiday on Monday and the resuming of the school year but I didn't realize that today was Wednesday until I was just getting ready to leave work. Wednesdays are my normal off-day. Oh well, I could use the extra hours.

My son said his second day of school was better than the first. Yesterday, it seems, was only a little bit awesome. Today was more awesome. Who knew that there were degrees of awesomeness? Probably every kid in the world.

Sometimes I can't remember what it was like being a kid. But then again I didn't have the greatest childhood. Oh, my home life was wonderful; loving parents and many siblings to play with. But I had a hard time in school. There are a few things that contributed to this, not the least of which was being mentally and emotionally abused by a teacher in one of my very early grades. It seems she liked to torture kids or something. Some of the kids who came out of it needed psychiatric care. My mom told me of this time. My parents didn't know till almost the end of the school year. This put me on a doomed scholastic path. I would withdraw from school and rarely do the required work. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your perspective) I was smart enough to be able to pull out C's with little or no effort. Heh, I was actually surprised when my sister told me a few years after we graduated high school that she was worried going into her freshman year. She was one year behind me. See, she had always been an A/B student while I was a C/D one. She was afraid that with both if us in school together I'd have a problem or be upset because she made better grades than me. I had never given it a thought. She always made better grades than I did so I didn't see why she wouldn't continue to. She also used to get frustrated with me. I'd sleep through class and not do my homework yet was able to pull out a C or D by the end of the quarter or semester with little or no effort yet she busted hump working hard doing homework and actually paying attention in class to get her A's and B's. Maybe if I wasn't so smart I'd have done better due to having to actually work at getting passing grades. Then again maybe I would have failed out before ever getting to high school. Who knows...

While on the subject of homework, my son has some reading and spelling to do this evening. The reading was fine but I was completely unable to help with the spelling work. See, I can't spell English worth a damn. If it weren't for spellcheckers I'd be unintelligible. I am fairly articulate, but words with more than two letters are always a challenge. I can spell phonetic-like languages like German and Italian but English is just to mixed up for me to get. Right now my son, who is just starting 2nd grade, spells better than I do.

That's about it I guess. I need to go get my son ready for bed. Plus I have some 40+ emails to catch up on. Half are probably spam but I'm still a few days behind. And I need to get another interview put together for LWN.

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