Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Falling behind

Man, I am so far behind on everything. I need to post my comments on the Italian Grand Prix from last Sunday ($DEITY what a great race). I need to finish an interview for LWN (it's only two months late). I need to get my taxes done (for 2003 no less!!!). I've got 4 day old email to reply to (I usually get freaked if I have email that's 8 hours old). Hell, I can't even remember what all I'm behind in. Since I've been able to sleep better I'm getting less done, especially posts to this blog. I'll try and catch up here in the next couple of days. Maybe.

So far the second week of 2nd grade is going fairly well. There's been some issues with a certain little boy not paying attention and talking to much but he does that all the time. After having his first summer off, as in staying at home and not going to camp or daycare, he's having a little bit of trouble reorienting himself back into the daily routine. I mentioned before that his teacher was hot but probably married. She is. Oh well.

Speaking of women, I have my second date through Together Dating. It's for this Saturday. Hopefully it'll go better than last time. Not that last time was bad. I'd just like to have some potential potential come of this. I'm probably hoping for to much, though.

Time to run. I got a wet little boy who just came out of the shower to dry off and get ready for bed. We're going to watch Hellboy first. It's definitely a cool movie.

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