Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Maids 1 Peapod 0

I botched the food delivery. I have Peapod deliver my groceries from Giant. This is a great service especially for people like me who have a difficult time just getting to the store let along shopping in it. You just order the stuff online, pick a delivery date and a truck comes with your stuff right to your door. The guy who delivers to me is great. He'll bring everything right into the kitchen for me. He's a hard worker and has a cool Scottish/Irish accent. The only problem today is that, while I thought I scheduled a delivery for this morning I actually scheduled for next Wednesday. After I post this I'm going to try and reschedule for tomorrow or Friday. It's good that my son will be spending the night with his mother tonight. I have food but no milk. He's a great milk drinker, like his Pap Pap.

Merry Maids did come, though. They come once a month to clean the house. I can keep it from becoming a total pigsty but without them I can't say for sure how long this place would be livable. OC, since it's just us two bachelors, we can live in less than spic-n-span conditions. But it's still nice to have the place cleaned up a bit, especially the bathrooms. I'm not good with "wet dirt". I can do the vacuuming and picking up and even dusting but cleaning with water in wet, dirty places (i.e. toilets) is just outside my reach. That's when I was physically able to do such things. I need to try and get a more stable income so I can start paying for the maids myself. Right now my mom pays them to clean her house and mine. Her place is over twice the size of mine so it's not an extremely large extra payment. Still, I've already taken so much of her money over the last four years.

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