Monday, September 06, 2004

Tomorrow is the big day

The first day of school. My son will be starting 2nd grade. I am so not ready for this. Not from any desire to seem him remain little, but because I haven't done anything to get ready for school. No new shoes, not new clothes, no school supplies... Hell, I don't even know who is teacher will be. This last one I'm blaming on the school as they said they were going to be sending out all the info for him to be ready before school started. I'll go in with him tomorrow to find out everything. They've changed the times for school this year so I'll need to get that info, too.

I am very happy that school is starting. This means that my son will be here every day during the week so things should hopefully settle down a bit. If I can find his Tae Kwon Do gear then we'll start going back. I'm also planning on have a more structured evening planned out. Specifically there will be a homework time. This will be so that he can do his homework and I can do mine. I'm going to get of my ass and work at (re)learning programming. I've got planed an assembler "class" and a C "class". Then for the second semester I'll take gtk+ and maybe ruby or relearn COBOL (First person to make a smartass remark is getting bitch-slapped). I should also do some direct php studying so I can get better at hacking it. The code I have now is really bad. It works, of course, but it really bites WRT usage, readability & security.

I got the laptop from work reinstalled. The CD drive on it is real flaky but I finally managed an FC2 install. It'll probably take me all day tomorrow to reconfigure it but that'll be fun.

I guess that's about it for now. It's an hour past our bedtime so I need to go force someone to go to bed.

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