Friday, August 20, 2004

My Miracle Cure

The last two weeks have been like hell for me, physically. It's been all I can do to get up out of bed. But this morning was very different. I have my Miracle Cure back.

Weather, or more specifically the pressure changes, can and do hit me like a ton of brick. The summer weather here is usually the three H'es; Hazy, Hot & Humid. This almost invariably leads to afternoon and evening thunder storms. All of this will put me flat on my back. Yesterday was no exception to the trend but I had an ace in the hole. My Miracle Cure was with me. My son.

I wasn't supposed to get him 'till Friday after work but he wanted to come over last night. So far this summer he's spent almost as much time with me as with his mother (the custody arrangement is for me to have him during the school year and she has him in the summer with alternating weekends year round). We are, of course, allowed to vary this if we agree and his mother and I have a pretty good relationship now so there's generally no problems.

Having him around is unbelievably good for me physically and mentally. When he's here it is often difficult but it's infinitely better than when he's not. Yesterday I don't know how I was able to make it into work at all. It took all my effort to just be able to stand and walk the 10 feet from my car to the building door (thank $DEITY for handicap parking). This morning, even though I didn't get to sleep until after 0230, I got up at around 0830 when he did. We've been watching cartoons, playing Yu-Gi-Oh and I've been catching up on the computer. Right now, as I type this, he's playing around with the lamp post behind me on some "secrete mission".

I'm going to take hi mover to Grandma's while I go into work. She's been great watching him when he's here. Of course, she loves having him around, too, so it's not to much of a chore.

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