Saturday, June 11, 2005

Opinionated pompous ass

Last night I was thinking. I had some time to think as I was up till 3am with "the trots." (I know; TMI) Anyway, I'm thinking about this blog and the open source world and life and all that. It also came to mind my 23 years of working in the IM/IS/IT/whatever industry. I've had time to reflect on my experience in this industry lately because I'm bring my resume out to everywhere I can in order to find some income. Looking at my resume you will see that I've had experience in a fairly good array of fields in the industry. I'm not the greatest or most or best anything but I do have experience in a good range of things, quite a bit that is not reflected in my resume. "School of Life" sorta stuff. Going over all of this I got to thinking about the opinions and insights and commentary I might have on not only the industry but life and cultures and all kinds of things. After all, I have been across the Atlantic ocean some 13 or 15 times (I can't remember which but I know it's an odd number), so I have some experience that many others don't. I've also been around for a decent amount of time, being 42 years of age at the time of this writing. So what does all of this babbling mean? It means I can express myself, here in this venue, all the ideas and opinions and observations I might want to express. So in the coming weeks/months/years I think I'll just let loss and see what happens. But don't worry, I'll still post my comments on the Formula 1 races. Just remember one thing...
I am always right!


  1. u prob would get lots o jobs if your resume didnt ref which states u r lazy.


  2. Good point. The whole "lazy and proud of it" thing may be silly to folks sitting with you in your home but it doesn't fly with employers. I'd "cleanse" that site as much as possible if I were you. You need to paint yourself in a much more pro-active, enthusiastic, motivated light if you're looking for a job.

    After all, you're selling yourself. Nobody wants to buy a lemon. :)

  3. Ah, you guys are no fun.

    But I did try and clean it up a bit. E-man, see what you think. It's a little hard 'cause this is just my non-professional site while the main WebTrek was intended for the "real" business type work.

    I wish I could find someone who could do the business stuff. I'd work at getting back into consulting again. But I'm not going to try and do it alone again. One bloodbath is enough.

  4. Removal of the "I'm lazy" stuff: check.

    If I had to make one more recommendation it would be to soften the tone of your news item re: the rebirth of WebTrek. Just say the project has been put on hold. That's all that matters anyway, right? The rest of the stuff makes you sound like you're facing financial ruin.

    Just tryin' to put a positive spin on things...

    (Also, your brother's web site references lots of pages on WebTrek that don't exist anymore. You may want to let him know. :)