Saturday, June 11, 2005

Trends in Open Source project development

I'm a freshmeat whore. I will look through the listed project updates three or four times a day looking to the way it's supposed to work. Yes, but I mean that you can tell what is the top of the list for open source projects by looking at what is being released on freshmeat at any given time. Right now the "app de jour" is Content Management System (CMS) apps. Not long ago it was blog tools (though these are still popular). I think that this is being driven more by business needs than simply hackers scratching the proverbial itch. This can also bee seen by the slow but steady rise of ERP apps. Now, I have little use for these kinds of things (I tend to look for little things that strike my fancy yet often have little usefulness for me) but it's not hard to see that someone does.

There my be many debates on the benefits and peril's of open source but there's one thing that has been already realized; open source is here to stay and is likely to become the dominant licensing and development model for future software projects. More and more businesses are finding that
the combination of security, flexibility and price can't be beaten by any proprietary, buggy and dangerous offering by companies run by demigods. I am not singling out any one [Microsoft] company that [Microsoft] is guilty [Microsoft] of doing this [Microsoft] but you can [Microsoft] probably come up with[Microsoft] one or two [Microsoft] of your own.

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