Saturday, October 02, 2004

Can't quit smoking :-(

It seems that I am hooked on these Eclipse cigarettes. I have been unable to quit them though I've tried many times. This isn't an uncommon story for most smokers but I have, in the past, quite before. I smoked for 7 years then quite for 13. Started again for about 6 months then quite again for a year and a half. Then I ran into these Eclipses. See, they are smokeless cigarettes.

I've gone into them before in a previous blog (see but suffice to say they are extremely hard to quit. Mostly because you don't have the secondary annoyances like regular tobacco cigarettes. No stench in your clothes or home or car. No ashes making a mess. None of the bad, smellyness that usually comes with smoking. This convenient factor may seem small but you wouldn't believe how much it works towards keeping you smoking. I have decided that, for now, I will remain a smoker and not go through the anxiety of the back and forth. If I were ever to be financially stable I would return to taking Tae Kwon Do. That would possibly help me quit but even if it didn't I'd be counteracting the negativeness of the smoking.

In the last year I've gained about 12 pounds (just over 5.44kg [as determined by ConvertAll] for those on a sane measuring system). I am now 2 pounds under my all-time high weight and it looks like I'll top that soon. I'm not eating a lot and not that much junk food. But I'm finding that I'm eating later and later at night. Dinner at 2200 is not going to do much of anything except make you fatter. Heh, if I were healthy I could be a Sumo wrestler. Exercise in the morning, eat a big meal, sleep for a few hours, wake to eat again, then go out and have some beers and such. I got the eating and sleeping down just not the exercising. Oh well, I'm to old for Sumo anyway. But I am playing a number of the virtual Sumo games. Getting my @$$ kicked in them, too. It is fun, though.

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