Sunday, October 24, 2004

Japanese GP Comments

I'm so far behind on this it's almost not worth posting. If you want to get more specific info you should probably just go to the F1 site and dig through the older news updates.

FWIW, the race started with an all Schumacher front row. Michael was in P1 and Ralf in P2. Within the first 10 laps or so it was clear that nothing short of disaster would keep the brothers from finishing 1-2. Which, of course, they did. The real drama was whether Takuma Sato could get a podium finish in his home race. He made a great try of it but just couldn't get by Jenson Button. There were also some fun driving in the middle of the pack and at some point David Coulthard & Rubens Barrichello had a bumping duel that took them both out of the race. The world feed missed the actual scrape so I don't know what happened (I'll be wandering over to the F1 site after I watch the Brazilian race later today).

The only other thing of interest is the poor showing of Jacques Villeneuve. He was brought into Renault replacing Jarno Trulli with the expectation of getting them some points in their battle for second in the Constructors Championship with BAR-Honda. After this race BAR has put a little gap in their points, though the position (and all the money that goes along with it) is still up for grabs.

Well, that's it for now. I'll try and do a better job for Brazil.

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