Saturday, November 20, 2004

So far? Interesting.

It seems that being let go hasn't been all that much or a difficulty for me. Sure I'm still worried about the money situation and I'll still need to find a job but my psych is feeling pretty good. I guess I was even more unhappy in my old position than I thought. Maybe this is one of those good turning points in life. Maybe.

I'm trying to switch to firefox again. I've been using mozilla since forever and haven't been disappointed with it really. But the future of the mozilla based browser is firefox so I'd better get used to it. I've already found most of the extensions for it that I use and it looks like it picked up some of the ones installed for mozilla. The Gmail modifier seems to be twiddling it's thumbs and not logging in but that could be for many reasons. Ah, it finally worked. Of course it's not like I get any mail at my Gmail address(es). No one knows them 'cause I haven't passed that info out. If anyone cares the two that I want to keep are and If anyone out there doesn't already have a Gmail account I got a boat-load of invites I can send out.

Got a call a little while ago from a woman. Remember the dating service I signed up with? She was the current referral. Just got her info today. Normally I've had to be the one to call but she took the initiative and called first. That's fine with me. I think we're going to try and get together tomorrow. Maybe.

Speaking of women, next weekend I'm supposed to cook dinner for my Chinese friend. She and her daughter are going to come over for dinner to my place. I like the idea, especially the cooking as I don't get enough opportunities to do it lately, is a good one except for one thing... This place is really trashed.

[Begin Rod Serling voiceover]
Imagine, if you will, a place where two men, one in his early 40's and one in 2nd grade, live alone in a house. The older man is disabled and the younger a bit spoiled. Think of the possibilities for mess and clutter to set in. No matter how hard you try to get out, the TrashedHouse Zone will pull you back in.
[End Rod Serling voiceover]

Yes, it is that messy, even a little dirty. But it's the clutter that makes the difference. Most of the furniture is burred under magazines and books and paper and games. Even clothes (clean, not dirty, I'm not that bad)! At least I have a week to clean up. And since I'll be home all day that "should" give me enough time to get the place in some semblance of decency. I say "should" because I am a prolific procrastinator. I can not get things done better than just about anyone. But if I don't we won't have any place to sit and eat so it looks like I'll have to clean up no matter what. Maybe.

But back to the whole job thing, I think I'm going to also look into those work from home shills^H^H^H^H^H^H adverts and see if any of them are worth the effort of trying. Can't hurt to look into it, huh? Well, maybe it can so I'd better be careful. I really would like to get back into programming, though. Starting next week I'm going to have to try and setup a schedule where I work on my plan. It's time I made an effort to put a little discipline in my life.


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