Thursday, May 26, 2005

Comments on the Monaco GP

Man. There's nothing to say, really. Kimi Räikkönen truly was the Flying Finn as he almost swept all the "stats" for the race. He started at poll and led every lap of the race. The only thing he didn't get was fast lap, which was turned in my Michael Schumacher. Kimi had an almost 40 second lead with around 10 or so laps to go. He slowed up tremendously to save the tires and engine but still finished a hair under 14 seconds in front of Nick Heidfeld. Speaking of whom, Nick made a killer move to pass Fernando Alonso with only a few laps left to give Williams-BMW second. Of course Mark Webber in the other Williams car had to keep up so he passed Alonso a few laps after Nick, thus giving Williams two podium finishes. The two Ferrari's finished 7th and 8th to at least get some points. I figured that there'd be a much more competitive season for Ferrari but this isn't what anybody imagined.

2005 Constructors Championship
Pos Constructor Points
1 Renault 63
2 McLaren-Mercedes 51
3 Toyota 43
4 Williams-BMW 35
5 Ferrari 21
6 Red Bull Racing 14
7 Sauber-Petronas 7
If the McLaren's can keep from having the bad luck they've had over the last few years it looks like Kimi is ready fulfill the promise of being a championship caliber driver.

And Bridgestone better hurry up and do something because they are getting thrashed this year.

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