Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Not happy right now

I am going to my sons school tomorrow to, politely and cordially, tear a new one for his teacher and the administration staff. I know my son isn't the most attentive student around, hell he won't shut-up and pay attention when he's home with me (until I get firm with him). But it now seems that he is getting labeled as a "Trouble Maker" so he gets blamed for just about everything that happens, even if he isn't in the room when it happens. I will not have this label pinned on him for the rest of his life just because some teachers and school staff don't know how to work with and teach boys. And if it gets into a "he said/she said" thing I have one big card I can play. That is there is a way to make sure that my son is telling the truth. I used this method on him today and he told me what is going on at school and, to be frank, I'm pi$$ed!

Grandma is coming as well. And if they think I'm bad they better run for their lives when she gets started. They are going to need Station 13 because she's going to light a serious fire under them.

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