Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tires do explode

Man, I have the worst luck. I started off driving the 1:15 drive to get to the server location. But the minute I got there I remembered that I forgot the keys. So it's another 1:20 back to get them. Now, with keys and rescue CD's and Sprite's to drink I'm on my way for a third trip. But halfway there the front end of my car started shaking quite violently. Then, without any ado, the left front explodes in a cloud of dust! Thankfully the traffic was extremely slow (there is a big annual Air Show this time of year). I pulled over to the side and got out to take a look. The tire really did explode. It took half of the side panel and blew it out perpendicular to the body of the car. And that's not the worst part. The explosion was strong enough to snap one of the four bolts that hold the tire on. The better luck came by way of this rally stoned guy who was walking on the interstate. It seems he had a fight with his wife and jumped out of the car just to get away. He helped me change to the doughnut. I was grateful for the help but I didn't really want to have to drive him somewhere. Thankfully his wife was driving by and pulled over. I proceeded home after that. So the server isn't fixed yet and the likelihood of it getting fixed before Friday are slim to none.

I hate the universe.

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