Thursday, May 19, 2005

I could use some help

It's tough being a parent.

It's tougher being a single parent.

It's tougher still to be a disabled single parent.

Don't even ask about being an out of work disabled single parent.

My son is having some "discipline" issues at school. Not that he's causing fights and such, he just won't shut-up. Talking and not listening to the teachers are his two major problem areas. And I know why. Part of it has to do with the environment he's in; the stress that I'm under is wearing, though I try to keep it from getting to him. But the biggest reason is that he's bored. The school work is just to easy for him. Now, every parent wants to think they have an exceptional child who is brilliant and destined to be some great person. While I know my son is quite advanced academic, he's not some ultra-mega wunderkind. He is just finishing up 2nd grade but had already been reading at 5th grade level when the school year started. And don't even try to keep up with him in math, too. I know that he could be doing much more advanced work. I know because I have tried to supplement his homework with extra work and it's all in the 4th & 5th grade level. But this doesn't give him a free pass. He still needs to learn to control himself better. Just because he can talk and play while doing his schoolwork or homework without it affecting his work doesn't mean he should be going it.

We were finally able to get him back into TKD so I'm hoping that the discipline he's (re)learning there will help. OC, there's only about a month left in school so this won't make a great difference for this year. But if he goes to TKD all summer he should be in better shape for 3rd grade. My ex had an idea today about looking into a private school. She mentioned a Catholic school as an option. While these aren't the schools of yore, as in they can't punish the kids anymore, it might still be good because they tend to have an accelerated curriculum when compared to the public schools.

The frustrating part is that I know I could be doing much more for him with this. If I were either not disabled or not single then things would be much better. For both of us. It would help if I were working. Not as much as the other two but having money around to buy food and such is not a bad thing. I see no way out of this but there's nothing I can do about that either. So tomorrow I'll get up and go looking for work and try to find some info on private schools. Not to mention the mountain of other things I need to do one of these days.

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