Monday, May 30, 2005

"Computing for Fun and Profit"

by Joe Klemmer
New Rider Press ©200X
ISBN 0-000-00000-X

Table of Contents

Introduction"Why write this book?
Chapter 1"Define Computing"
Chapter 2"Define Profit"
Chapter 3"Areas of Expertise"
Chapter 4"How to choose an Area of Expertise"
Chapter 5"Making the best of what you have"
Chapter 6"Success vs Profit"
Chapter 7"Profit vs Wealth"
Chapter 8"How best to 'enjoy' your Profit"
Appendix A"Myths of Computing"
Appendix B"Additional Resources"
Appendix C"Example Business Plan and Profit Timeline"
This book is for anyone who is in the computing field who would like to be able to make a better living for themselves. This is not for people who want to "get rich quick" nor for the dot com millionaires. This is for the working stiff cranking out code as an occupation. While this book doesn't specifically target those who code for the love of coding, there are aspects presented here that would still be of use to the Artisan Coder.

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  1. Just in case I wanted to let it be known that this is just a tongue-in-cheek post. I'm not really writing a book.